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durable by technology

Unleash the power of science with our ultra stable thermally modified wood


We enhance wood naturally with heat, steam, and nothing else

Using only heat and steam, we’ve developed an exclusive method that enhances the natural properties of wood to an unprecedented level. By removing moisture from the wood cells, we’ve created a product that’s not only durable and stable but also beautiful and sustainable, all without the use of any chemicals. Our technology is the result of years of research and development, which we’re proud to say is the finest and most advanced in the market.





High performance for any interior and exterior application

Thermowood Ash

Thermowood Ash cladding combines the timeless sophistication of real wood with exceptional durability, meticulous milling, and easy installation.

Preferred applications:

Available Lengths

4- to 12-foot-long boards

Thermowood Ayous

Combining mid-brown tones with exceptional physical properties delivers high performance and excellent durability. Available in light and dark tones.

Available Lengths

4- to 14-foot-long boards

Thermowood Pine

Thermowood enhances the wood’s natural properties, creating a durable product with a warm golden-brown color and characteristic knot pattern.

Available Lengths

7- to 17-foot-long boards

Quality Presentation, Inside and Out

Thermowood® comes in packages, with the quantity of pieces per package determined by their thickness.

Thermowood® 5/4 x 6

Comes in packages
of 5 boards

Thermowood® 1 x 6 Max

Comes in packages
of 6 boards

Thermowood® 1 x 6

Comes in packages
of 7 boards

Thermowood® is available in different length groups and is always sold in random lengths.


4- to 6-foot-long boards


7- to 10-foot-long boards


11- to 16-foot-long boards

Wall Panel Profiles

Customize the combination of the profiles according to your personal preference to give room for more imaginative projects.

Download Interior Wall Panel Catalog

Wall Panel Profiles

Thermowood is available in a nearly unlimited range of wall and ceiling profiles. If you don’t see what you came looking for, let us know – we can custom-mill anything for your project.

Download Exterior Wall Panel Catalog

Effortless installation with unparalleled lightweight superiority

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Case study

Unlocking the full potential of Thermowood

The House at the Top of the Mountain

At an altitude of 6,500 feet, the materials had to be strong enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions, yet lightweight enough to facilitate installation. After extensive testing, they selected Thermowood Ash for its durability, resistance to the elements, and aesthetic appeal. The result is a stunning and functional venue that offered breathtaking views and unforgettable dining experiences.

The 50 Villas

Maximood Architecture had ambitious plans to build 50 beautiful seaside mansions, but they needed a cladding material that was cost-effective and could provide the organic feel they were seeking for. They initially considered teak, but the price proved to be prohibitive. That’s when they discovered Thermowood Ayous Light, a durable and aesthetically appealing alternative that fits their budget.

Where to buy

Thermowood is distributed nationwide across the United States. Contact us to connect with one of our dealers who can promptly assist you with any order, large or small.


Novawood North America

Novawood Europe

Eco-Certified: Sustainable Excellence

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